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emma crystal

About Me

My name is Emma Crystal and I am a licensed massage therapist. My mission is to aid each client's healing process, whether physical or mental, to the best of my ability, always listening to their comments, questions and mostly, their bodies. It is my sincerest wish that each client leave a massage session feeling relaxed, cared for and as if they have experienced at least a small piece of heaven. And when I'm on a mission, I'm on a mission! My primary objective is to provide services so good that not only will clients return again and again, but they will also recommend me to others.

For over 15 years, I worked as a computer technician, troubleshooting and resolving software issues, repairing computers, etc. That was my day job. Before that I was a performing artist, beginning as a dancer trained in ballet, jazz, tap, modern and ballroom styles and finally branching into musical theatre. From there, I began choreographing shows, musicals, operas, etc. for different companies and schools in the area. Looks like a lot, right? Try doing it all at the same time! Yes, I worked on computers during the day, danced, sang and acted my heart out at night and took deep breaths in between.

Through all this, I felt a need to make people feel better by massaging tight shoulders during long shifts behind the computer, on breaks at the theatre and at my house. With my hands, I could bring quick relief and help others to focus better, de-stress and relax. That felt good! So when the computer world started to chafe more than usual, I knew exactly where I needed to go.

My massage therapy training was intense and very thorough. I have the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage to thank for that. Because of their care and guidance, I have been able to provide quality therapeutic massage to hundreds of clients. I look forward to serving you!


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