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Dear Amazing Prospective Team Member:

We’ve been looking for you!

You enjoy working with people and that’s good, because we’re all…people. Working with a team is important to you, a team that supports your growth, not only within the business, but also your growth as a human being. We’re in this together – even management.

Because we know that you’ll help make our work environment peaceful, we also know that you’re a great communicator, brave enough to air your opinions and give your input calmly. We really appreciate that you’re creative, think on your feet and are excited about trying new modalities (even using your feet!).

This is a therapeutic bath spa and we’re a small team. Consequently, we’re glad you enjoy helping out – doing laundry, sweeping floors, cleaning bathtubs and, yes, cleaning the toilet. (What?! You like it clean, too!) There will also be times when you’re at the reception desk, helping our clients with products and check-out. It’s good to take a break from massage and services!

We’re SO glad that you really want to understand how business works, as well. You like bonuses and are willing to work smart to make them happen. If you know that you have an impact wherever you work and want your impact to be positive, that’s even better! This means that you’ll be using social media during down times to help bring in business and keep clients coming back. It’s a good thing that works for you!

If all of the above resonates with you, click here and complete the application.

Welcome aboard!

Amani: A Cleansing Place, LLC
306 S. Main St.
Memphis, TN 38103
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